The Story of the Proposal
February 8, 2003

Before The Proposal
This story actually starts before the Proposal. We talked about getting married beforehand and Carl was going to propose in December but Charles, Carl's evil twin brother ruined it all when he decided to have his wedding at the end of December so Carl waited and waiteduntil one beautiful February day.

Carl: We went to Robbins Bros on February 5th so Jenny can pick out her ring. This is before I "officially" proposed to Jenny. So I went and Jenny decided she wanted a custom ring and while the custom ring was being made, they gave us a loaner ring with the diamond she picked out in it. Trouble is, when the sales person gave me the loaner ring, Jenny quickly and eagerly snatched the ring from the salesperson. She them proclaimed, "It's mine! ... My precious." as she eagerly carressed the ring. I wanted to hold on to the ring so I can "officially" propose to her. But the way Jenny was carrying about, I had little chance. About a day later, after heated negotiations, I finally convinced Jenny to give the ring to me so I can officially propose. A struggle ensued but I managed to wrestle the ring away. She then made up a story about how the ring was her birthday gift.

"She became his wife and he loved her."
    Genesis 24:67

This is the two of us right before we went horseback riding at Sally's Sables.
The Proposal
Carl: On February 8, 2003, I took Jenny to eat at Roppongi's in downtown La Jolla. We ate and had a pretty fun time so I took Jenny out for a walk on La Jolla shores. I decided to propose to her there because on our very first date, I took her to La Jolla Shores and the seals were out. I remembered how she loved looking at the seals and I also remembered how I had to hold her back so she wouldn't get too close to the seals and scare them away. Anyway, the seals were there on the night I proposed to Jenny. I got down on one knee, presented the ring to her and asked "Will you marry me?" right in front of the seals. She said "Yes!" And we were both pretty happy.

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