Fun and Laughter

Making Me Laugh
Jenny: Carl makes me laugh when he brings up something really random from when we were together at another time, like calling someone a fatido.
Carl: Jenny makes me laugh when she's really serious about something. She gets this determined look that looks really, really cute.

Carl is getting ready to go horseback riding.
We Love Laughing Together Because...
Jenny: Carl hardly ever laughs! Except at stupid bizarre stuff that I never got.
Carl: I never did understand why you weren't laughing all those times...

"The Lord will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy." Job 8:21

Activities and Hobbies We Share
We both like to play hockey, eat, play Scrabble, visit the zoo and acquire more pets. We both love to go hiking, camping and walking around in the great outdoors. We also like to watch the 70s Show together.

"Then all the people went away to celebrate with great joy." Nehemiah 8:12

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