In The Beginning...

First Encounter
Jenny and I first met on Yahoo! Personals and we e-mailed each other for a while.
Jenny: I just came out of a tumultuous four year relationship and I wanted to start dating guys again so I placed an ad hoping for at least a friend to occupy my free time.
Carl: My coworker Sean showed me how to meet hot girls on-line. He showed me Yahoo personals and I was pretty skeptical at first but I did a search and Jenny's ad was the first one I saw. I thought it was strange that the ad had a biblical quote in it but I replied anyways thinking it would be a "test run." The rest is the stuff of romance legends.
Jenny: He mentioned liking high-maintenance girls and having a talent for making the girls he dated fat. This, I had to see.
Carl: I was really impressed by Jenny. She seemed like the ideal woman for me. She even played hockey and she kicked butt at it. She looks so thin and fragile but on the rink, she's a monster. I did underestimate her and paid the price in scars and bruises. She plays as rough as Marty McSorley. The first time we talked on the phone, I remember she had a really nice voice.
This is the two of us at Takeshi's wedding, who is Carl's cousin.

First Date
On our first date, we went to eat dinner at Crab Catcher's in downtown La Jolla. The food was delicious and afterwards, we went for a walk on the beach where we saw the seals.
Carl: I asked Jenny out to dinner after about a week or two of talking on the phone. It was probably about four or five weeks since we first exchanged e-mails. Jenny first said no but said yes the next day.
I was pretty stunned at how hot Jenny was and how nice she was. I thought this niceness must wear off after she gets me hooked. No girl can be this nice and this hot. Its' against some law somewhere.
What was really funny was that afterwards, I remember Jenny e-mailed me asking me if I had fun and stuff. She was feeling like I didn't enjoy the date, which was utterly ridiculous. How can someone not enjoy a date with Jenny Wang?
Jenny: I was too nervous to think much of anything during the date.

First Kiss
Our first kiss was at Jenny's door when she was living in the Warren Apartments.
Jenny: I thought Japanese guys are such great kissers!
Carl: I was a little nervous but really happy afterwards. Never did I kiss such a beautiful girl.

"He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord." Proverbs 18:22

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